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Philippa Lane

Do your feet need tender loving care?  Mine definitely do and I recently discovered a special orthopedic footwear product that does that and much more and it is Yasmin Sandals by Orthaheel.

My feet can use a little help, because many years ago, I used to wear high heels almost everyday and yes I knew that they were not very good for my feet, but I continued to wear high heels on a regular basis.  As the years went by, I began to wear shoes with a lower heel, but they never were comfortable or supportive.  It was so difficult for me to find a good pair of shoes that looked stylish and would fit my individual foot type, but that all changed when I found Orthaheel Footwear and particularly the Yasmin Sandals in the color of Black Metallic.

The creator and founder of Orthaheel is Philip Vasyli.  He is an Australian Podiatrist and has treated countless patients and their feet.  The Yasmin Sandals have been specially designed for women’s feet and have an elegant style that can be worn with both skirts, pants, and are perfect for warm weather.  The sandals have a soft lining and upper with adjustable heel straps, hook and loop closure, faceted faux stone trim accents, PU wood grain covered EVA footbed, and deep heel stabilizing cup. They are lightweight, shock absorbing, supportive, reduce stress on feet, ankles, knees, realign the feet back to their natural position, and are made with a durable padded neoprene upper liner.

The sandals that I have are in a beautiful black metallic color with an adjustable strap in the heel area, which helps to hold the shoes securely onto the feet preventing slipping/sliding.  I also like that they have a biomechanical tri-planar motion control foot bed that helps to support and realign feet.  The lightweight design does not make feet feel weighted down while walking, and they are easy to clean, I can just wipe them off with a damp cloth if they get dirty.

When I first put the sandals on my feet, they did not feel that comfortable, especially in my arch area, but after reading one of the inserts that came with the sandals, I discovered that I should wear them for a few hours each day to let my feet adjust to them.  Yes, your feet will adjust to the sandals after wearing them on a regular basis each day.

If you have knee, shin, leg, ball of foot discomfort, bunions, or flat feet, then Yasmin Sandals by Orthaheel will help to solve the problem.  They are great for both spring and summer and come in a variety of metallic colors to choose from, such as Gold, Chrome, Bronze, and Black.  If your walk is off balance and you cannot stand that long with other shoes, then these shoes may be exactly what you need.  Orthaheel also makes orthopedic shoes for men as well.

There are not many shoes on the market today that are supportive, comfortable, with the ability to realign feet and look good at the same time. That is why I highly recommend Orthaheel Footwear, because they are truly good for feet and the entire body.
You can find Orthaheel Yasmin Shoes at http://www.orthaheelusa.com  

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