Gold Canyon 2012 Spring/Summer Gift Guide


Philippa Lane

As the sweet fragrance of the summer season fills the air, wouldn’t you like your home to have the same beautiful aroma filling every room?

Gold Canyon is a company that is best known as a candle, party plan business with approximately 26,000 independent consultants around the country.  They have a wonderful product line consisting of fragrant candles, home fragrance sprays, bath and body products, and much more.

I have been given the opportunity to try many of their wonderful products and I have been so happy with them that I just wanted to share some of my favorites for this spring and summer. I would like to start out with some great fragrant candles.

SandalwoodJasmine Infusion Aromatherapy Candle: This is one of my favorites. I love the scent of Jasmine and when mixed with sandalwood it makes the perfect combination. The candle comes in a 16 oz. glass jar with a beautiful silver lid. Price: $17.98

PeppermintInfusion Aromatherapy Candle: I have included the Peppermint candle only because the scent of peppermint is so clean and fresh and adds a special touch to the summer season.  It has a distinctive and soothing scent that can be enjoyed all year long. The candle is white and comes in a 16 oz. clear jar. The essential oils of peppermint and wild mint will refresh and relax you, especially after a busy day. Price: $17.98

MimosaRose Tea Light Candles: Sometimes I like to place small tea light candles in different rooms in my home. The scent of rose is the perfect for spring and summer and the pink color of the tea lights adds a feminine touch to every room. There are nine tea lights in a package and are made with essential oils of rose, mimosa and jasmine. Price: $6.98

EbonyScroll Candle Holder: Gold Canyon has a variety of candle holders to choose from in various colors to match any décor.  The Ebony Scroll Candle Holder adds elegance and makes a fashionable statement when placed on a mantle, table, or in front of a fireplace. You can place six tea lights or votives in the glass candle holders.  I like to put the Ebony Scroll Candle Holder on a table on my patio and watch the ebony scroll light up with true beauty. Price: $33.48

ClearHammered Chimney Candle Holder:  To add ambiance to my home, I love to use the Clear Hammered Chimney Candle Holders. They are shaped like two tall chimneys and are made with clear glass. When a tea light is place inside the candle holder, it reflects the light in a special way. My daughter has mentioned to me that the set of candle holders are so soothing to look at when tea lights are placed inside of them. The set is also available in a gray color. Price: $37.98

MimosaRose Home Fragrance Oil: I love the smell of essential oils, especially rose. Sometimes I place a few drops of oil in a pod warmer to disperse the fragrance, instead of lighting a candle. Mimosa Rose Home Fragrance Oil is made with essential oils of rose, mimosa and jasmine and is a perfect fragrance for spring and summer. The scent is so uplifting, feminine, and long lasting. One bottle can last up to 6 months, depending on how much you use.  Price: $6.98

SandalwoodJasmine Home Fragrance Oil: This is another oil that I recommend for the spring and summer season, because of its exotic aroma and strong floral notes. It is made with essential oils of sandalwood, jasmine & ylang. I simply place a few drops in my pod warmer and the sweet fragrance of sandalwood and jasmine fill the air. Price: $6.98

Last but not least, I would like to mention the Gold Canyon Pods.  The scented pods are placed upon pod warmers, in which heat activates and releases the fragrance into the air and Gold Canyon has a wide variety to choose from. If you are looking to give a special gift to someone or to yourself, the Scent Pod Spring Bundle Value Gift Set, White Picture Perfect - Summer Bundle, Burnt Orange Kasbah - Summer Bundle, and White Candlestick - Summer Bundle are great choices and each bundle consists of three uniquely scented pods.  Some of the pod fragrances are Clean Sheets, Sugar Cookie, and Ginger Lime.  You can purchase the pods and the warmer separately, but if you would like them all together the price is around $42.00.

I have just shared with you some of my favorite products from Gold Canyon for the 2012 spring and summer season, but this company has so much more to choose from. Take a look for yourself. You can find all of these unique and highly scented products for spring and summer at-

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