Imako Cosmetic Teeth Review


Philippa Lane

Is your smile less than perfect?  Do you have discolored, crooked, or chipped teeth? Perhaps even some missing teeth, but you can’t pay for expensive cosmetics procedures to give you the smile of your dreams?  Well, I discovered a wonderful product that is inexpensive, easy to use, can hide imperfect teeth, and give you the look of veneers in less than one hour!  It is Imako Cosmetic Teeth and this product is revolutionizing the cosmetic dental industry. 

Imako Teeth are special cosmetic covers that adhere to your own teeth and snap into place, giving you realistic white and bright teeth that look just as good as pricey veneers.  They fit comfortably and securely over teeth and the great thing is that the entire process is painless and can be done in the comfort and privacy of your own home!

I needed a little help with my smile and found this amazing product and it truly has been a blessing to me.  Imako Cosmetic Teeth are very realistic and were invented by a talented artist by the name of Nancy Albert.  She is not a dentist, but she became very interested in learning about how teeth can make a visible impact in an individual’s life.  As a result of her great talent, skill, vision, research, and determination, her team at Dr. Buck, Inc. invented Imako Cosmetic Teeth.

I have two sets of Imako Cosmetic Teeth- one in Bleached White and the other in Natural White. I prefer the natural color more than the bleached one, because in my opinion, the natural color looks more realistic and does not appear as bright in pictures.  My advice is to select a shade that you feel comfortable with and compliments your skin tone. The teeth are available in sizes small or large.  I have them in size small and unless you have a very large mouth, the small size is the standard choice.  To be sure, measure the width of your four front teeth and if the width is 1 1/8 inches, you need the small size and if the width is 1 5/16 inches, then you need the large sized cosmetic shell.

Imako Teeth fit right over your own upper teeth with the use of special fitting beads. This is what I did to make the perfect fit.  I put two cups of water into a bowl and heated the water in the microwave until it was almost boiling. You can do this with a microwave or on top of the stove. Then I dropped the fitting beads into the water and when it was soft and pliable, I shaped it into a noodle shape, placed it on the back of one of the Imako Teeth, and spread the melted strip onto the back of the Imako Teeth evenly.  I then placed the entire shell into the hot water for about 10 seconds, removed it, and gently pressed the back of the teeth onto my own so that the device would adhere to my teeth.  Doing this process correctly gives a custom made fit, giving the Imako Teeth the ability to snap on to your own teeth and stay securely all day, without needing any adhesives.

I had to repeat the procedure a few times until I achieved the desired results that I wanted. The good thing is that you can repeat the fitting process many times and start all over until you get the exact fit that is right for you.

Each set of Imako Teeth comes with a white container to protect and store them in when not in use and some extra fitting beads if you need to make future adjustments.

It is important to know that if you have an overbite, you may not get the perfect results that you like.

It took a little while to get used to wearing the Imako Cosmetic Teeth, because when I spoke with the device in my mouth, it sounded like I had a slight lisp, but after a while, the lisp started to go away.

I know that when my mother saw me for the first time wearing the Imako Teeth, she thought that I had gone to the dentist and gotten veneers!  She was so surprised and said, “Where did you get those teeth?”  I removed the Imako teeth from my mouth in front of her and then put them back in to show her that they were removable cosmetic teeth.  She was amazed and I could tell that she definitely liked the way I looked with the Imako Teeth.

The teeth are tasteless and odorless. I cannot really eat anything when I am wearing them, except for something small, such as a breath mint, but they come in really handy if I want my to take pictures and want the pictures to look great. 

I highly recommend Imako Cosmetic Teeth to anyone who has gaps, missing or crooked teeth and cannot afford to go to the dentist and spend thousands of dollars to have a better smile.  This product works, it is effective, inexpensive, easy to use, and delivers great results quickly and painlessly.  Even if you have all of your teeth, they may look yellow or stained, and you do not have time to bleach them for a special event or just to go to the store, the Imako Teeth are the perfect solution and can give you the smile that you have dreamed of. 

You can find Imako Cosmetic Teeth at  for only $39.95.

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mycozyparlor said...

Thank you for an honest review. I am thinking of getting them. I have a partial plate now, but not really happy with it at times.