Babor Face Design Collection Gift Guide Spring/Summer


Philippa Lane

spring is a time when flowers bloom, the sun peaks out and shines its rays upon the earth. Yes, spring showers really do bring May flowers as well as an opportunity to bloom in a variety of ways. As flowers bloom, so can you with Babor Cosmetics.

Babor has an impressive array of color cosmetics to choose from this spring season and I would like to share with you some of my favorites.

Babor Super Soft Duo Blush- #02 Rose: This powder rouge comes in two distinct shades that you brush over your cheeks to bring a lovely glow to your face that makes you look as if you are “blushing”. I have the #02 Rose Duo Blush and I absolutely love how it brightens and adds contrast to my cheek bones with a touch of a beautiful rose color. My natural skin color has a bit of yellow and blue undertones to it, so this blush is perfect for me and evens out my complexion. Price: $35.00

Ultra Performance Nail Color #04- Shiny Pink: We cannot leave out that finishing touch which is nail polish. In the spring, I do not like to wear dark colors on my finger nails or toe nails, but I prefer to wear the color pink. I like this nail polish from Babor because it has some shimmer to it, adds a bit a pizzazz to my nails, and it dries quickly.  The color is long lasting and does not contain formaldehyde or methylbenzene, so it is very gentle on nails. The pink color is not too light or dark; it is just right. Price: $13.00

Advanced Lip Base: If you want extend the wear of your lipstick, than you should definitely use Babor Advanced Lip Base. It comes in a ¼ oz tube. It contains Hyaluronan micro spheres, which give lips more volume and adds moisture. The lip base smoothes lines and helps both lipstick and lip gloss to remain on the lips longer.  Just apply a small amount of the lip base to your lips and let it dry, then use your choice of lipstick or lip gloss afterwards. Applying just a small amount of this product all over your lips before you put on your lipstick will help your lipstick stay put all day. Price: $21.00

Maxi definition Lip Liner- #01 Nude Rose: Before applying any type of lipstick, it is important to define your lips with a lip liner pencil. Babor Maxi Definition Lip Liner in Nude Rose works perfectly to bring definition to your lips and helps the lipstick not to run. It is water-resistant, long lasting, with Vitamin E, Carnauba, and candelilla wax, which provides moisture and protects lips against free radicals. The liner also comes with a special lip brush. Price: $15.00

Ultra Performance Lip Color #09 Nude Rose: After you apply the lip liner, it is time for the lipstick, but this is not an ordinary lipstick, it is a unique formula that gives a visible lifting effect, is not sticky, and is long lasting. The lifting complex helps to regenerate the sensitive skin of the lips and shield it from environmental tension. I personally like this lipstick a lot and the container that it comes in is absolutely beautiful.  It is silver with a unique design that is so classy. The lipstick looks just right with a matching blush.  Price $25.00

The aforementioned colors that I have shared with you are all in the Rose family and I know that I did not mention foundation, but Babor has a foundation called Perfect Finish and there are many shades to choose from for your specific complexion. The Babor Mineral Powder Foundation is also a great choice.  It is a silky loose powder that contains pure minerals that are highly beneficial to the skin.

These are some of my favorite spring products from Babor . I love the colors and the way the products make my skin and nails look and feel.  

Just as a fresh spring flower, you too can look just as radiant with the new Face Design Collection from Babor.

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