Kai Beauty Products Gift Guide

                                                by Philippa Lane

Are you looking for that perfect gift to give someone or to get for yourself?

Kai Beauty Products was founded by Gaye Straza and has a wonderful assortment of beauty products to choose from.

There are about 13 products that are made will gardenia and natural essences. I would like to share with you a few of my Kai favorites.

Kai Eau De Parfum: I have to say that Kai Eau de Parfum is now one of my favorites, because my favorite flower is gardenia and that is the main ingredient that I smell in this delightful parfum.  Kai Eau de Parfum comes in a 1.7oz. spray bottle, is long lasting, and can easily sprayed on the neck, wrists, behind the knees, and yes, even on your hair. It is amazing how the fragrance lingers when lightly sprayed on hair. Price: $76.00

Kai Perfume Oil: If you are on the go and you do not want to carry large bottles of perfume, I would suggest the Kai Perfume Oil.  It comes in a 1.8oz. roll-on vial and is easy to take with you where ever you go, because of it’s compact size it fits nicely in a purse, backpack, or suitcase. The scent of gardenia and other delightful essences are so beautiful and fragrant that you probably will not want to go anywhere without taking Kai Perfume Oil with you. Just put it in your purse and go. Price: $48.00

Kai Bathing Bubbles: I love bubble baths, especially if the bubbles exude the fragrance of fresh gardenia.  Kai Bathing Bubbles comes in a 16 oz. bottle that is easy to distribute. I pour a small amount into my tub while the water is running and within seconds, I can quickly smell the fragrance of gardenia. Other ingredients that are in the Kai Bathing Bubbles are coconut, vitamin E, and sugar which help to keep your skin fragrant, soft, and smooth. Price: $36.00

Kai Body Wash: If you are not a “bubbly” bath person and you prefer taking showers, Kai makes a body wash that is absolutely fabulous. Kai Body Wash comes in an 8 oz. bottle and foams up quickly, leaving skin soft and fragrant. I have even used it to wash my face. I can smell the gardenia scent, but it is not over powering, instead it is fresh clean with the delicate fragrance of gardenia flowers. Price $37.00

Kai Nightlight Candle: Do you like candles, but you only like a flicker of light that just adds that little extra glow with a strong gardenia scent? Kai Nightlight Candle is what you need. This small candle can easily be taken anywhere you go. It burns up to 18 hours and it exudes the signature Kai fragrance of gardenia and essential oils. It looks beautiful on a night stand, kitchen counter, or bathroom vanity. Price $26.00

Kai Skylight Candle: If you prefer a larger scented candle that is long lasting, then I suggest that you try the Kai Skylight Candle. It is a large motif white in color in a beautiful clear glass container. It is made with natural coconut wax, soy, and palm. The Kai fragrance and aroma will fill your home. The candle burns for 40 hrs. Price: $48.00

Kai Room/Linen Spray: I love the scent of clean sheets and linens. The Kai Room Linen Spray, not only makes your linens smell like fresh gardenias, but it also acts as a room freshener when you spray it in the air. Kai Room/Linen Stray comes in a 100 ml. spray bottle. I like to spray my sheets, pillow cases, and blankets with the Kai signature fragrance along with spraying it in the air all around my home. The scent is so lovely, light, and pleasant, and filled with the lovely fresh scent of gardenias. Price: $56.00

I have named only some of the Kai product line, but there are many others products to choose from, such as the body buffer, body glow, body lotion, Kai twilight candles, body polish, Kai fine linen wash, and body butter.

If you or someone you know loves floral fragrances and the fresh aromatic essence of gardenias, then I know that you will love Kai beauty products. The Kai signature scent is truly a fragrance that will make a lasting impression. As a gift to someone or just to yourself, Kai beauty products may just be exactly what you have been looking for.